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Development af a Program to Determine Hidden Performance Parameters of a Gasturbine

Gas turbines overall theoretical performance analysis can be performed by using several thermodynamic theories and equations with the help of design parameters. However, limited availability of the design parameters will complicate the analysis.

The turbines manufactures published a limited amount of data, while important parameters remain hidden and this available information is not enough for overall gas turbine cycle analysis. A theoretical model based on Mathcad software is already available in literature to reveal such hidden gas turbine parameters nevertheless requires improvements in various facets.

Five main parameters commonly published by the gas turbine manufactures in the catalogue are exhaust temperature of flue gas, exhaust mass flow rate, overall efficiency, electrical output and compression ratio of the compressor. Theoretical model was developed to obtain all the hidden thermodynamic parameters by using available catalogue data with realistic assumptions.

The engineering equation solver (EES) program has been used as a platform to rebuild the theoretical model and the graphical user interface of the new programme. After obtaining the hidden thermodynamic parameters, an exergy analysis has been carried out for the gas turbine.

The developed EES programme is expected to be used in the learning laboratory at the Department of Energy Technology, The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, incorporated into CompEdu learning platform.
Source: KTH
Author: Ranasinghe, Chamila

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