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Sound Classification of Space in Buildings

On account of LN Akustikmiljö AB, the sound energy absorption of various rooms was estimated using two methods; by measuring the steady-­state sound pressure levels in the rooms when excited by a reference sound source and by measuring the reverberation time.

The reason for the comparison was that the reverberation time was not always a satisfactory measure of the acoustical performance of rooms, even though it was the only requirement in Swedish standard SS 25268:2007. Thus, it was suggested to try alternative methods to measure the acoustical performance of the rooms.

Measurements were performed in 18 rooms with varying volume and acoustical treatment. The equivalent absorption area of each room was calculated from both methods. Comparison between the two methods showed large differences in the equivalent absorption area; however which value was the best representation of the actual real situation is a complex problem, which varies with the dimensions and acoustical treatment of the room and the frequency band and will need further research.
Source: KTH
Author: Pilman, Carl

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