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Fine-grained Simulation in the Design of Automotive Communication Systems

Early in the design cycle, the two main approaches for verifying timing constraints and dimensioning automotive embedded networks are worst-case schedulability analysis and simulation. The first aim of the paper is to demonstrate that both provide complementary results and that, most often, none of them alone is sufficient.

In this paper, we present a simulation approach accounting for the clock drifts that occur on the network nodes at runtime and evaluate the extent to which the results obtained with this approach are relevant for the designers in order to validate the performances of a CANbased communication system.

One of the practical outcome of this study is to show that initial phasings between nodes, as well as the values of the clock drifts, do not significantly impact the frame response time distributions that can be observed on the long run.
Source: NAVET
Author: Aurélien Monot, Nicolas Navet, Bernard Bavoux, Cristian Maxim

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