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On Mathematical Modeling of Shaped Charge Penetration

Shaped charges are a well established type of projectile, subjected to a lot of research ever since emerging as a viable technology in the 1940s. The penetration achieved by shaped charges decreases with increased standoff distance. This is often attributed to the shaped charge jet losing its coherence.

The Swedish Defence Research Agency however, noted no such loss of coherence in its experiments. An alternative explanation to the decrease of penetration was instead proposed. The object of this thesis was to investigate this proposed theory.

To this end, the hydrocode Autodyn was used, modelling the impact of a high-velocity projectile into a generic target and analysing the resulting behaviour of the target. Several setups were used and several parameters were considered when evaluating the results. The conclusion of this thesis is that the alternative explanation offered is not supported by the observed behaviour of the target in the computer model.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Clipii, Tudor

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