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Development of Software That Can Predict Damper Curves on Shock Absorbers

This project features the development of a software program with a plot function (a setting bank) for data curves, obtained when car dampers are tested in a dynamometer, which measures forces at given velocities. Advanced dampers have many different adjusting possibilities and it was desired to collect data about this for a number of damper types, in a software program that can be used to predict damper curves without having to perform actual tests.

The goal was to make it easier for customers (mostly consisting of competitions teams) to test and evaluate different settings to a chosen damper in a fast and simple way, without having to use expensive testing equipment that also is a big time consumer.

The project was performed at Öhlins USA Inc. The software lets the user select a damper type and its settings and then plot a graph that corresponds to the damper curve that would be obtained in a real testing rig. The results of the project was a working setting bank that can plot damper curves for a number of Öhlins damper models, by using the collected and calculated data. To increase the accuracy of the curves towards reference data, future studies might need to be performed which uses even better mathematical models and considers flow resistance in the damper.
Source: Uppsala University
Author: Gelotte, Erik

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