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Analysis and Development of Potential Material & By-Product Synergies between Zero-Emissions Industries and Urban Waste Streams

The concept of integration of industries in urban setup is the current trend among researchers and engineers in the field of industrial ecology and environmental engineering. Trend of urbanization forces an increasing human demand for energy, materials, water and other resources.

Urban symbiosis nowadays is closely related to the controlling of urban metabolism. Closing material loops works as an effective way for a circular economy where theoretically no waste is generated.

In this thesis work, an investigation has been made for studying current symbiotic activities in the city of Linköping and look for any potential energy or by-product synergies from industrial activities and the urban waste streams.

Some of the companies have been found to be already engaged in such type of activities, directly or indirectly. Hence, uncovering symbiotic activity is also an important task to consider while assessing the feasibility of a network of industries and urban settlement.

Finally, it is concluded that the symbiotic activity in the city of Linköping is developing with discovering of new opportunities from waste and by-products from industries and the city area.

The municipal utility company Tekniska Verken and its subsidiary Svensk Biogas could play the role as anchor tenants and the aeronautics company SAAB, for its huge production line, has good potential to participate in exchange of physical materials.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Rahman, Md. Arafat

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