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Assessment of Energy Recovery Technology in China: Mechanical Ventilation System with Energy Recovery

In the wake of the economic growth of the Chinese market the past couple of decades, the energy consumption has surged. One of the biggest consequences of the increased energy consumption is a massive increase in CO2 emission. In fact, China has overtaken the U.S. as the biggest emitter of CO2.

In light of this energy-saving technology gets more important to implement. District heating is one of the solutions used with success in parts of China where heating is required. In this paper, an energy recovery technology has been examined for two climate zones in China namely a mechanical ventilation system using a flat-plate counter-flow heat exchanger.

Beijing is located in a cold zone while Hong Kong is located in a zone with hot summers and mild winters. Cooling load calculations were conducted manually using the RTS – method developed by ASHRAE and heating load calculations were conducted for Beijing using Swedish guidelines stated in BBR. Further, the energy recovery unit (VM1) that was provided by Systemair AB was tested using a rig where different outdoor conditions were simulated.

This data was then used to evaluate the potential for energy recovery in a model apartment located in the two zones. As expected, significant differences were obtained when comparing the performance for the two locations.
Source: Mälardalen University
Author: Piippo, Kaj

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