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Haptic Feedback

Today, the use of simulators is very common and is used in many different areas, for example research, development and education. This trend has progressed due to simulators provide a cost efficient and safe platform for a large set of applications.

The assignment was given by the Division of Industrial Ergonomics and was titled “Haptic Feedback”. The purpose of this master thesis was how to add more realism into a fixed base car simulator by stimulating the human haptic perception.

When performing tasks in a substitute environment, the achieved data can differ in validity dependent on how “true” a simulator is. Therefore it is very important to resemble the actual environment as much as possible if one want data consistent with the real world.

With the use of devices such as electrical motor and frequency converter, vibrations are created to simulate the vehicles contact with the surface of the road. The goal is not to recreate the real world physics – the goal is to add more realism in analogue with the present visual and audio setup.

To solve this problem many different subject areas are involved. Knowledge about software development, mechanics, construction, electronics and ergonomics are areas that are concerned in this master thesis.

Although this report will give a good overview of the haptic feedback concept, it is recommended that you visit the Virtual Reality-laboratory at the University of Linköping and try this application hands on in the simulator environment.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Pettersson, Oskar | Svensson, Erik

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