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Simulating Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Using Dissipative Particle Dynamics

Dissipative particle dynamics is a relatively new technique for simulating fluid flow at meso scales that is more computationally efficient but at the same time able to reproduce some of the detail of molecular dynamics simulations.

This report gives an introduction to the background of the technique, along with examples of applications in the fields of microfluidics, hydrodynamic behaviour at meso scale, and heat transfer.

It is shown that dissipative particle dynamics is able to reproduce hydrodynamic behaviour as well as solve simple heat transfer problems. The technique has a large potential to be used in applications where fluid flow is taking place on meso scale where conventional computational fluid dynamics might not be a suitable choice. Two examples of simulations following the approaches of references given in the open literature related to hydrodynamics are also given.
Source: Lunds Tekniska Högskola
Author: Erik Johansson

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