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Control Rod Effect at Partial SCRAM: Upgrade of Plant Model for Forsmark 2 in BISON After Power Uprate

This study aims to improve the modeling of partial SCRAM in the BISON plant model for the Forsmark 2 nuclear reactor after power uprate. Validation of the BISON model against tests performed from March to May in 2013 have shown that this is one of the areas in which there is room for improvement.

After partial SCRAM is performed, the model under estimates the reactor power, recirculation flow and steam flow when compared to the measurement data.

In BISON the partial SCRAM is modeled using a relative control rod effect vector (ASC vector). The aim is to replace the old values in this vector to improve the model. The new model was shown to give an improved result for the reactor power, recirculation flow and steam flow. The study gives recommendations on how to apply the new model and what values of the relative control rod effect vector that can be used in the future.
Source: Uppsala University
Author: Constanda, Daniel

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