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Feasibility Study of a Virtualpower Plant for Ludvika

This thesis is a feasibility study of a virtual power plant (VPP) in central Sweden and part of a project with InnoEnergy Instinct and STRI. The VPP consists of a wind park, small hydro plant as well as solar photo voltaic and energy storage.

The 50 kV subtransmission network was modeled inorder to evaluate the network services that could be provided by coordinating existing distributed energy resources in the network. Simulations where performed using measured hourly variations in production and consumption of all network nodes. The studied network services included both reactive and active power control.

The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the potential contribution from the VPP for capacity firming in order to allow a balance responsible party to meet placed bids on the day-ahead spot market, minimize peak load in order to reduce subscribed power, decrease network losses, the contribution from reactive power control using the power converters is studied. Comparisons of the economic gains from spot and balance markets ofthe VPP distributed energy resources are made for each operation case.
Source: Uppsala University
Author: Lundkvist, Johanna

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