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Robotized Polishing and Deburring with Force Feedback Control

Force control is introduced to robots to solve the problem in machining applications due to the fact that the robot compliance might cause deviation between actual and desired robot path.

Also large tolerances in the casting process as well as positioning errors from the clamping create deviations for which the force control technology can adept. Force control has also shown successful in automatic learning of paths along non linear surfaces.

This study investigates the possibility of introducing robots equipped with force control at Volvo Aero Corporation in order to robotize polishing and deburring processes. These are today performed by manual labor. This study investigates more specifically the ABB Force Control machining application package.

The polishing process has shown to be very complex and today’s version of the ABB force control package cannot give sufficiently robust results to be recommended for implementation. The major issue is the non-existing compliance of tool orientation needed to adapt to casting and positioning deviations due to varying work piece dimensions. The deburring process has however shown to be easier to handle, and a robot cell and methodology is proposed in this report.
Source: University West
Author: Krantz, Marthin

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