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Milling in Hardened Steel – A Study of Tool Wear in Conventional and Dynamic Milling

Milling is a commonly used machining process where a rotating cutter removes material from the workpiece. In recent years, attention has been turned towards so called dynamic milling methods which differ from the conventional way of milling.

Dynamic milling normally uses, as opposed to the conventional way, more of the axial cutting edge, smaller radial depth of cut, significantly higher cutting speed and feed per tooth. The method has demonstrated potential to save both time and money under specific circumstances,for manufacturing companies.

This thesis was conducted at ISCAR Sverige AB in Uppsala, Sweden. ISCAR Metal working is a full service supplier of carbide cutting tools. The objective is to establish if there are benefits with dynamic milling methods with regard to material removal rate and lifetime of the tool by experimentally investigating and comparing tool wear that occur with conventional and dynamic milling methods in hardened steels. Tools used were ISCAR’s MULTI-MASTER end mills, MM A and MM B, and the hardened steels were Hardox 600 and Dievar. Analysis was performed by using a USB-microscope, scanning electron microscope (SEM) and a Wyko-profilometer.

The results of this study show that dynamic milling parameters can give several benefits regarding tool life and material removal rate. When machining in Hardox 600 and Dievar, both end mills were able to achieve a higher material removal rate and lifetime with dynamic parameters compared to more conventional ones. MM A outperformed MM B in Dievar, but the results were reversed in Hardox, MM B performed better. Results from the profilometry analysis showed that in Dievar, the dynamic parameters generated a smoother surface while the surface results from Hardox were more equivocal.
Source: Uppsala University
Authors: Ersvik, Erik | Khalid, Roj

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