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Development of Automatic Gate Opening Mechanism

This project presents mechanisms of automatic gate opener swing operator. The objectives of this project are to design automatic gate opener mechanisms, fabricate and assemble gate opener components. Mild steel and galvanizes iron were used as material in this project.

The structural three-dimensional solid modeling of mechanisms automatic gate opener was developed using the solidworks drawing software. The arms that mount to the gate were fabricated using metal inert gas welding. The box for store the motor was fabricated using turret punch machine and bending machine.

Result for the first test is the gate not move because the output power that need to push or pull the gate not enough. Result for the second test is the gate can move because the gate is lighter than the first one. The automatic gate opener can be added with remote control system. Therefore, the gate can be opened from more distance.
Source: Umversiti Malaysia Pahang
Author: Mohd Tarmizi Bin Abd Aziz

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Development of Automatic Gate Opening Mechanism” - 2 comments

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