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Hydropneumatic Suspension for Tractor Implement

In order to reduce the pressure oscillation in the hydraulic hitch-system of the tractor and oscillation of all tractor aggregate the correction of the hydraulic system parameters is used. The lower oscillation amplitudes can be achieved using the tractor implement as oscillation reducer.

Equipment of hydraulic hitch-system with hydropneumatic accumulators let adjust the stiffness and damping characteristics of the hydraulic cylinder, limiting the pressure oscillation  amplitude. In order to create major changes in the level of stiffness, extra accumulators can be used.

Improvement of the hydraulic hitch-system with different charged hydropneumatic accumulators, reduce pressure peaks in the hydraulic system till 8.76 %, at the driving speed 11.2 km h-1 and tire pressure 0.12 MPa, but at the driving speed 7.8 km h-1 and the same tire pressure till 8.17%.
Source: Florian-Knorn
Authors: Janis Laceklis-Bertmanis | Vilnis Pirs | Eriks Kronbergs | Aivars Metla-Rozentals | Maris Metla

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