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Deburring of components: A survey of current and future deburring processes

The machining operations that shape a metal component produce a raised edge or small pieces of material remaining attached to a work piece called burrs and sharp edges. The deburring process is intended to remove these imperfections and produce specific edge profiles.

Burr formation during machining operations is one of the most significant problems encountered by industrial companies in component manufacturing. Remaining burrs after machining pose a severe risk for component breakdowns, if the burrs get loose. All work piece edges must therefore be completely defect-free.

In the machining industry manual methods are commonly employed for burr removal. Fully automating deburring operations present a major challenge. Furthermore, removal of internal burrs of various sizes and shapes from parts sometimes becomes an extremely difficult task which causes high cost for labor, time losses, and health and safety risks.

Increasingly, manufacturers are expected to deliver burr-free parts to their customer. Sandvik Coromant, Scania and Volvo Cars are three of these manufacturers, and these three companies have agreed to contribute to this project.
Source: KTH
Author: Alallak, Ali

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